United Methodist Youth Fellowship

Grades 7 – 12


The name 3Forward was inspired by our youth’s experience white water rafting on the Pigeon River in Tennessee. The helmet & life-jacket clad rafter is given a paddle & instructed to keep an attentive ear bent toward the river guide, who gives commands such as 3 forward which means 3 paddles forward. The raft careens down the river into churning, choppy, and violent rapids often at angles that the beginner does not understand or trust. Many times, the rafter is certain that this will be the rapid that hurtles the group overboard into the furious river, but the guide gives the group the command, sending the raft straight into the heart of the powerful rapid. To the untrained eye, the commands and direction of the raft appear severe, impossible, and hopeless, but when the rafters place their trust in the river guide, somehow the group comes out of the violent rapids into peaceful waters with laughter and gigantic ear-to-ear smiles.
Just as following the direction of the river guide leads us through the intense white-water rapids, Jesus offers counsel to His followers that require trust and often, totally blind faith. Our group came to conclusion that a life of following Jesus is an adventure and not for the faint of heart. Left to our own devices, we would choose to keep our rafts in smooth, effortless waters bypassing the excitement of the rapids. The rapids, however, offer the greatest reward and the promise of a remarkable and noteworthy journey. The rapids can also be compared to the trials of our lives that seem insurmountable. Jesus always offers holy support and direction to the focused believer, and although the raft is rocked and hammered by the seemingly endless waves, He is there to lead us through to the other side. Even when we are pitched from the raft, a desperate glance for His outstretched hand never leaves us wanting. To conclude, the image of Jesus as our river guide has been adopted as a foundational principle to our youth group. We will be known as 3Foward to constantly remind us that we surrender all to the commands of our Guide, no matter how confusing the circumstances or dire the trials. We accept the challenges that come with a life of discipleship and are eager for the adventures that await!

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