Sunday School


A place for everyone!

Breakfast B4 in the Fellowship Hall begins at 9:00 am
Classes start at 9:00 am every Sunday

Adult Classes

Living Word Class
Couples & Singles, ages 40 and up
Bible class is for all adults and meets in room 113. The teacher is
Charlotte Odom and she likes to use Max Lucado study books.
Open Door Class
Couples & Singles, ages 50 and up
Formerly called Young Men (looking for new name)
For adults and is meeting in the room upstairs next to the choir room. The teacher is
Cleve Dawsey. The materials used vary, to include videos and special order Bible study books.
Upper Room Class
Couples & Singles, ages 20 to 40
Women ages 50 and up
Gleaner’s Class
Women ages 40 and up
Sunday school class is for adults and is held in the History Room behind the sanctuary. The
teacher is Kathryn Foxworth and they use the Adult Bible Studies (Cokesbury).

Youth and Children’s Classes

Newborn to 2 year olds
Located in Room 118 with Michelle Jones
Our pre-school class is for children ages 2 through 4
4 to 6 year olds
Meet in Room 121 and taught using the Heartshaper Curriculum by Matt Olive
1st, 2nd & 3rd grades*
Meet in Room 117.  Taught by Dottie Whitley and Helen Sanders using the Heartshaper Curriculum.
4th, 5th and 6th grad*
Meet in room 114 and are taught by Summer Tatom using the Heartshaper Curriculum.