Joy Class

The Joy class is for women ages 50 and up.
The Joy Sunday school class is an adult discussion class for women.
This class has been part of the Picayune First United Methodist Church for over 50 years. Although we have no teacher, we do have a facilitator who keeps our discussions on track.
The Joy Class is a memorial to Rosalyn Folks who was our teacher for many years. Upon her passing, the class decided that, even though we no longer had a teacher, we wanted to keep our class together. Therefore, all of us agreed to read our lesson each week, highlight or underline any sentence or passage that was meaningful, and be part of the lesson discussion on Sunday. It has now been several years since we became a discussion class. We all agree that by participating in the discussion, our lessons are more meaningful, we are learning more, we are continuing to grow as Christians and we feel closer as a part of the church family. Our lessons are from Adult Bible Studies (Cokesbury) quarterly, an official resource for the United Methodist Church. We meet behind the sanctuary in the bride’s suite. Please join us as we study God’s word.